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Spring is in the air, and this is always a sign of new beginnings. We attended the CFA Convention Awards Gala, which recognized excellence in franchising.

Vin Bon won the Bronze Award for Excellence in the category of Traditional New and Emerging Franchises. This category had over 300 participants so for us to win Bronze was a big deal.

The reason Vin Bon won the award is because of our franchisees. Although Vin Bon is a thirty-seven-year-old company, we have only been franchising for the past 3 years. The company has taken a new direction and the award only validates that we are all moving forward together. We will continue to evolve and improve and work together to make our franchise even better. Our goal is to win GOLD next year, so let’s keep the momentum going!

There are a lot of new things on the horizon at Vin Bon. We have new products and new equipment to truly make us the leader in our market and blow the competition out of the water. Increasing everyone’s business and growing in a positive direction together will increase brand awareness and catapult us to the top of our markets.

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