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An original wine made by you is a fantastic gift idea. It’s completely unique and perfect for celebrating special events and grand occasions. Here are some top occasions to give a homemade wine that the recipient will love, and maybe even keep a little for yourself.


Wine and weddings go together like ham and cheese, so why not brew up a batch just for the special day? You can have personalized labels printed up to commemorate the day or to wish the bride and groom well. Be sure to make enough bottles to give to the parents of the bride and groom, too, so all can celebrate together.


A milestone birthday may be hard to face, but a good bottle of wine helps take the sting out of it. If you know a wine lover who’s hitting a milestone birthday, why not have a batch of wine made just for the occasion? Whether the recipient drinks it right then or saves it for a later birthday, it is sure to be appreciated.

The birth of a child

Celebrate the birth of a child with a personalized batch of wine. Depending on the type of wine, the recipients may even want to keep a bottle back until the baby has grown up and is old enough to drink some. You may be inadvertently creating another wine lover by doing so, though it will be a few decades before you can test that theory. Still, the parents are sure to appreciate the wonderfully personal gift choice, and you can celebrate the birth with a bottle of your own.


Years of studying and hard work deserve a gift that is special and celebratory, so make a few bottles of wine for the big event and share them with the graduate and their family. Whether it’s a new graduate heading out into the world for the first time, or one who has gone back to school later in life, wine makes the perfect celebratory statement for graduation.

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