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f you love the great outdoors, but you can’t stand the thought of enjoying it without a glass of your favourite wine, you’re not alone. The good news is that wine and camping can go together almost as well as chocolate and marshmallows. Here are some tips for camping with wine to make your next camping trip a lot more fun.

Ditch the glass

Glass wine bottles and wine glasses not only add to the weight of your pack when you’re camping, they’re also a real hazard if they get broken. Boxed wine solves the problem of lugging heavy glass bottles around, but if you’d prefer wine from a bottle, you can buy bladder-style pouches to pour the wine into for easier transporting. You can even buy packs that attach to your backpack so you can sip while you hike!

Silicone or plastic wine glasses are more practical for camping than glass ones. They’re lightweight, practically unbreakable, and fairly inexpensive to replace if you happen to lose them while you’re out in the wild.

Chill appropriately

No ice? No problem. If you’re camping near a stream, chill your pouch or bottle of wine in the water in a shady spot. Just be sure to keep the opening of the container clear of the water to avoid any nasty bacterial contamination. You may also want to hang your pack of wine in the shade of a tree to keep it off the ground and away from the sunlight.

Save your corks

If you pour bottled wine into a pack for camping, save the corks. Corks soaked in rubbing alcohol make excellent fire starters and can be stored in a plastic sandwich bag until they’re needed. If you’re planning a camping trip anytime in the future, take the corks whether you plan on taking wine or not.

Consider camping in wine country

Some vineyards may offer camping areas. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds–rustic camping and wine tasting in a real winery?

For more tips on choosing the right wine for your camping trip, visit the staff at Vin Bon today.

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