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Spanish Red Blend: This Spanish Red is a blend of Tempranillo and Granacha from Tinto Spain. Full bodied red wine. Typical of the Rioja wine from Spain. Granacha adds body and additional raspberry flavours, often with a spicy accent. Tempranillo offers a range of flavours from lighter red fruit such as strawberries and cherries, through to richer and riper flavours such as prunes, chocolate and stewed fruit.

Food Pairings: Spring Lamb chops, crumb roasted eggplant with a tomato & basil ragout.

Spanish White Blend: Our Spanish White is a blend of Spain’s most popular grapes; Garnacha Blanca, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscatel and Palomino. Garnacha Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc bring elements of green apple, herb and minerality, while Muscatel and Palomino bring the light, refreshing body and golden colour.

Food Pairings: The blend pairs well with seafood, especially shellfish.

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