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Amarone: Amarone originated in the Veneto region of North- Eastern Italy, and is arguably the region’s most prestigious red wine. Winemakers searched for the way to increase body, complexity and alcohol content of their wines in order to concentrate the natural sugars and aromatics in Valpolicella wines. Local producers began drying their grapes after harvest, to remove water from the berries while retaining sweetness and flavour. Almost black in colour and a nose of spice, tar and dried berries, it is rich in flavours of dried fruit and prunes typically of wines made from dried grapes

Food Pairings: Robust pastas, braised meats and hearty beef stews pair well with this smooth wine.

Italian White Blend: Italian White is a blend of Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Inzolia. Pinot Gris, the weightiest of the three, gives the blend its body, Sauvignon adds more acid and freshness. Inzolia is from Sicily and adds a gentle aromatic nose, a lemon and fruity palate and a fresh, clean, spicy finish. The blend typically displays various stone fruit flavours, highlighted by peach, nectarine and apricot, and sometimes has a high level of alcohol if the Pinot Gris is grown in a hot climate.

Food Pairings: Citrus Cooked Fish, Thai Green Curry, Crab meat salad, or Gnocchi in a light cream sauce.

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