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We have blended two delicious white wines from California to create our Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay Blend. This is a blend of two grape varieties that traditionally produced two very different styles of wine. When blended together it’s pure delight.

The Chardonnay grape makes a clean, crisp and dry wine, which produces a fruit-forward taste with a delicate floral aroma. The Sauvignon Blanc grape is crisp, elegant and fresh, and it produces a dry, medium bodied wine that is smooth and full of flavour.

Chardonnay is rich, round and buttery, while Sauvignon Blanc is more fresh, aromatic and zingy. Somewhat surprising then, this nontraditional blend is produced almost as widely as the variety’s plantings. It crops up in France (particularly Cheverny), various parts of Italy, Spain, Israel, California Australia, Chile and South Africa, with a wide range of results.

This unique blend pairs well rabbit and pistachio terrine, smoked salmon, sushi, and oven baked salmon.

Interested in making this blend? The Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay is ready in a little as 8 weeks.

Visit your local Vin Bon to try it today.

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