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We’re excited to share with you how we took two fantastic red wines and combined them to give you our Carbernet Franc/Petit Verdot blend. To understand this blend, you should know about each individual type first.

Cabernet Franc is one varietal of higher quality and reputation grown worldwide. It is very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, but it ripens at least one week before. This feature allows it to thrive in climates that are slightly cooler. Carbernet Franc is very aromatic and is also rich in tannins and colour, features that make it very suitable for parenting a blend.

Petit Verdot is also one of the traditional classic black grape varieties used for blending in Bordeaux. Winemakers generally use the Petit Verdot grapes as chefs would use seasoning. The “spice box” contribution this grape adds to wine is dense fruit, dark colour, black fruit flavours, and heavy tannins.

By blending these two powerful wines we have reached a very elegant full body wine with balanced acidity, noted for its minerality and depth of colour, among the notes of spicy, raspberry, cassis and violets.

The Cabernet Franc/Petit Verdot Blend pairs well with BBQ lamb chops, pork spare ribs, duck and other rich meats.  It also matches well with hearty casseroles and mature cheeses.

Visit your local Vin Bon to try it today.

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