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Wine tastings aren’t just for those visiting vineyards or for wine snobs–anyone who wants to learn more about wine can enjoy a fun, no pressure wine tasting in their own home. Plus, it’s easier than you’d think–you just need a few things and some good friends. Here’s how to host your own wine tasting.

Gather your supplies

You don’t need much to host a wine tasting, just a couple of bottles of wine, enough glasses for everyone in attendance, some light snacks, pens and paper for taking notes, and a comfortable, well-lit spot for everyone to sit. The wines you choose are up to you, but they should be at least two different types. You may want to have more types of wine, perhaps ask your guests to bring a bottle each, but two is perfect for starting out.

Choose a theme

Wine tasting parties can have a theme to make them more ‘educational.’ Your theme can be along the lines of a comparative study. For example, why not compare two different bottles of the same type of wine from two different regions? You could also pick two bottles of the same type of wine from two different price points–one cheap, the other pricier–to see if more expensive wines are worth the money.

Taste and note

The tasting is the fun part, but you can’t just slurp the wine. Start by noting the color and texture of the wine. Examine the wine in a well-lit area so you can see it properly. Then, sniff the aroma of the wine. Does it have a fruity scent or a more full-bodied, earthy aroma? Make notes on what you see and smell so you can compare the wines later on.

When you taste the wine, pay attention to the flavours you can taste. Is it sweet or tangy, dry or refreshing? Jot down your findings and assess how you feel about the wine. Did you like it? What did you like about it? What did you dislike?

Compare and contrast

Repeat the process with the second bottle of wine, then compare your notes with those of your guests. It can be fun to see what each person enjoyed or disliked about each wine, and it’s a great way enjoy an evening with fellow wine enthusiasts.

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