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There’s no better time than the summertime for hosting your very own wine tasting party. Never hosted a wine tasting party before? No worries–it’s easy to do and you can even get your friends to help. Here’s how to host a summer wine tasting party you’ll never forget.

Pick a theme

Who says wine tasting parties have to be boring, stuffy things? Pick a fun theme and plan your decorations, food, and even your wine choices around it. You could opt for something summer, like a luau theme, or you could pick a theme based on a certain wine region. Visit your local party supply store for inspiration, then grab some wine to match your theme.

Pick your wine

You can taste any wine you like at a wine tasting party, but you may find it easiest to stick with two whites and two reds for comparison. Pair your wines to your party theme or just pick bottles you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t yet. Or, invite your guests to bring the wine and enjoy the surprise choices they offer.

Make sure you have a place to chill any wines that require it before the party. Also, stock up on either disposable wine glasses before the party so you’ll have plenty for your guests.

Pair the food

Although you can have your guests bring the wine, have them tell you what they’re bringing ahead of time so you can choose foods to pair with it. You don’t want to overpower the wine with too much heavy food, so you may want to stick to finger foods and snacks like fruits, cheeses, and sandwiches.

Prepare the food the night before, if possible. This takes some of the stress out of getting ready for the party on the day.

Invite the guests

Make sure you send the invitations out early enough for your guests to RSVP. This will help you know how much food you’ll need and whether you’ll need to buy more wine! Email invites are fine–just make sure you get a response so you can plan accordingly.

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