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Vin Bon Franchise Opportunities

It’s all about the fresh juice……and the wine we craft for our customers…

In 2012, we began offering the Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery as a Franchise Opportunity. We offer a turn-key craft wine making experience within a retail space of 1600+ square feet. We help our customers select the highest quality fresh juice for wine making and have our wine makers (franchisee) craft them a personalized individual batch of wine. All at a fraction of liquor store pricing and with an unconditional quality guarantee. If you are a foodie and wine enthusiast, this is a great opportunity to “pair” your passion for wine with an exciting business opportunity. Our ideal candidate to join our Vin Bon Family would be committed, hard working and customer centric with a passion for wine. We provide all the tools for a truly successful franchise.

Initial Franchise Fee
Initial Term

10 Year


We have relationships with lenders that we connect you with

Initial Investment Range

$295K – $350K Including Initial Franchise Fee and Working Capital



Royalty and Service Fee


Available Territories

Aurora, Bowmanville, Cambridge, Collingwood, Georgetown, Guelph, Kingston, Kitchener-Waterloo, Lindsay, London, Milton, Muskoka, Niagara Falls and Surrounding, North Bay, Orillia, Orangeville, Oshawa, Ottawa, Pickering, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, St. Catharines, Sudbury, Thornhill, Toronto, Windsor and Surrounding, Whitby.


When you think WINE, you think about great meals with family and friends. For centuries wine has always been linked to socializing and enjoying with others. Currently at 23 franchise units in Ontario, Vin Bon has decided to go back to their roots of owner-operated Vin Bon Franchises where the business, the wine and the customers make business a joy, not a job. If you have a passion for wine and enjoy people, this is an ideal franchise for you. Vin Bon has become the industry leader of imported juice for craft winemaking, with all of our franchise winemakers winning awards for wines crafted in their store.

Whether its wine crafted by our Vin Bon Franchise Winemaker or wine vinted at home, our customers can be assured of consistent top-quality wine to be enjoyed with family and friends, we guarantee it!


  • Affordable investment opportunity
  • Simple ‘turn-key’ model
  • No Royalties
  • On-going product innovation
  • Corporate Marketing campaigns throughout the year
  • Intensive training course including both classroom and hands on in-store training
  • Hands on operational support
  • Local Marketing Support Program
  • Assistance with securing appropriate financing
  • Professional site selection and lease negotiation assistance


We are proudly Canadian since 1978. An enterprising banker, Angelo Locilento recognized the potential of the wine making business in the Canadian marketplace and began to establish a chain of retail locations.

Now is the right time for you to invest in the fruits of success. Be Part Of A Canadian Success Story.

Vin Bon Franchisees not only sell the best juice, but they also enjoy a PROVEN retail concept that has been successfully operating for over 39 years. Our locations have longevity and our growth is due to increased demand for our products from the consumer and a demand from investors asking us about having their own Vin Bon Franchise Boutique Micro Winery.


Years of Experience


Years of Franchising


Locations & Growing


Million Litres Sold


Satisfied Customers Per Year


Five star ratings

Why Franchise With VinBon?

01. The Opportunity

Vin Bon Franchise is a modern urban Boutique Micro Winery that brings the very best of wine culture to communities across the country, on a personal level. Combining elements of the traditional winemaking experience with the emerging craft wine concept, Vin Bon creates a diverse selection of wines and offers customers an opportunity to engage intimately with a historically exclusive lifestyle. As it seeks to bring the winery experience to the people, Vin Bon presents an innovative, versatile concept that treats guests to quality wines, a relaxing atmosphere, and a cultural experience like no other.

02. The Industry

According to the LCBO, Statistics Canada and the Canadian Vintners Association, wine consumption continues to be on the rise in Canada and shows no sign of slowing down. The demand for wine has continued to increase and the price of everything has done the same. At Vin Bon, we are a “turn-key” solution for franchise owners to offer expertise to consumers.

03. The Support

You will receive comprehensive training from us. We will provide you with pre-opening training courses, both hands-on and classroom based, to help you prepare for opening your franchise. We’ll also provide training and documentation on how to run our Boutique Micro Winery franchise, plus ongoing support and refresher training as needed. You’ll have access to confidential operational documents and manuals to help guide your daily winery business functions efficiently. Our team of experts will provide on-going support to ensure the success of your business.

Our Franchisees

“Joining the VinBon Family was the right decision for me. It made sense as a business opportunity in my community and hometown of Brantford. Wine is a consumable product with a long history, and this is a great way to personally craft your own. I take pride in providing the highest quality wine for my customers and the atmosphere and bottling process is always fun and enjoyable for everyone!”

Chris FornellaVinBon Brantford Ontario

“Our goal was to find a wine making franchise that provided an excellent product. Vin Bon definitely exceeded those goals. We were trained and felt supported throughout the onset and opening of our business. An added bonus is that we have met many amazing people... including our customers! While supporting our clients through their bottling experience, we also have an opportunity to educate and learn about their wine preferences. Sometimes, our conversations will lead to trips, events and family... so in return they enlighten us. This is a happy business and I know they are leaving with an exceptional wine they will enjoy with family, friends or at their milestone events such as birthdays, weddings or showers. We are grateful our customers trust us and reward us by returning again.”

Margaret FinochiVinBon Upper James

“We have really appreciated the support of Vin Bon’s operations team. We know they are available to help us when needed and we are in regular contact to plan local activities to grow our business. When we started this business I was really unsure of what to do but they are only ever a phone call away when it comes to helping me with my day to day operations- they have set me up for success. I truly enjoy this business and the people that I get to meet each day.”

Noga KashanVinBon Mississauga West

Meet Our Team

5-Star Reviews From Our Customers

Everything was fast & easy! We do this at least twice a year, it’s so much fun without the hassle of having all the equipment at home! Brilliant & great tasting wine every time!!! We will continue to order & bottle our wine with Vin Bon!!! Thank you

Paula CamachoVinBon Bradford

Wine quality is excellent (and gets better the longer you let the bottles sit), and the bottling experience is very smooth and efficient. Shop is clean and organized. And I cannot say enough about how helpful and knowledgeable the staff are.

Karen BVinBon Bradford

We bottled a delicious batch of Italian red and ordered another batch of Cabernet and one Cabernet Shiraz blend. The wine is delicious, the service is fantastic and the price is right!! We love VIN BON and we have highly recommended it to our friends!

Brenda LewisVinBon Bradford

I was very impressed with the whole process. The owner is very knowledgeable on the different wine styles and walked me through the process. The bottling process was excellent. The equipment for bottling was professional, extremely clean and the whole process was enjoyable. Thank you so much. I will be back.

J.R.Vin Bon Barrie

I have constantly been impressed with both the product and customer service! I find that the process is easy, and the owners are always there to help...making the experience fun and worthwhile. Thanks!

Glenn MurdockVinBon Upper James

What a great experience! Our second "bottling" with VinBon. Fabulous. We were in and out in less than half an hour. The service was over and above. Thanks VinBon for everything, including the special labelling for our bottles of wine.

Donna HermanVinBon Upper James

Start Your Own Boutique Micro Winery

  1. Introduce yourself with the form on this page

  2. Submit Application for Review (see link below)

  3. Invitation to complete FranchiZe Profile

  4. One on One Meeting with Vin Bon Development

  5. Receive Franchise Disclosure Document (Min. 14 day review)

  6. Speak with a minimum of three franchisees

  7. Write and submit your Business Plan and Pre-Marketing Plan

  8. Present Business Plan and Pre-Marketing Plan to Vin Bon executive team

  9. Upon review and approval, candidate may be awarded a franchise

Download Application

*to ensure your information remains confidential print, fill in and email back to

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes a Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery franchise different from the other wine franchises?

    Each Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery franchise is equipped with our exclusive, state-of-the-art winery systems. We craft exceptional wines starting with best blends of grapes, using only the finest ingredients with far less cost, time and risk than traditional wine retailers.

    How much is the initial investment and how much working capital do I need?

    A Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery estimated investment range is between $295K to $350K. We recommend that you have a minimum of at least $100-$130K cash on hand and access to the remainder through loans or other resources.

    How much can I expect to earn from my Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery franchise?

    We have a winery model that has grown throughout Ontario and in a variety of markets. The ingredients for success include our training and support system, matched with your enthusiasm and desire to succeed. We believe that our success is the sum total of our franchisee’s success – and we want you to be as profitable as possible. Unfortunately, as in any other business venture, there are no guarantees. Your success and profitability will depend on your commitment, your location, your business sense and retail abilities combined with the market conditions. Investing in a Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery franchise is an attractive alternative to starting your own independent business. It gives you the freedom to exercise your skills and abilities in the running of your own business while managing much of the risk involved.

    What are the sources of revenue for the winery?

    Typically, the breakdown for our revenue sources on our Boutique Micro Brewer is as follows:

    On-Site Vinting Experience: 85%
    Home Vinting: 5%
    Wine Equipment and Accessories: 10%

    What is the term of the franchise agreement?

    The initial term is ten years, after which the agreement may be renewed. Renewal is subject to the approval of Head Office, current franchise terms and conditions, and renewal fees.

    How much are the royalty fees?

    We are proud to offer a Royalty free franchise opportunity. We do not have a Royalty fee structure in place. There are however two marketing fees. The corporate advertising fees are four percent of your gross monthly sales and are used to strengthen brand awareness and promote Vin Bon. Local advertising offers the following; Specifically, we review with you on a monthly basis your financials with our accounting expert and give you access to a tool that allows you to easily compare your financial information with benchmarks and the performance of the other wineries in our system. However, each winery’s financial information is considered private and protected. It cannot be viewed by other franchisees – only averages may be viewed. In addition, we have in-house staff who will create monthly emails, Facebook posts and website assistance. We execute these programs from our corporate office with a blend of our own marketing information that will draw customers to your winery as well as your local input about events or promotions. This will free you up from having to worry about the constant communication today’s web-savvy consumer expects and ensure they will receive consistent, professional communication. As we grow, we will add more services that you are able to participate in. To fund these services, we currently charge 2% of your sales for access to these valuable support services.

    Must I have wine knowledge and wine making experience?

    No experience is necessary but an appreciation of wine is beneficial. Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery has a full training program for our franchisees.

    What type of training is required before opening a franchise?

    There are four phases of our training program. First, we will send to you home-study materials to aid in your product knowledge. This will give you a base level of knowledge and prepare you for the second phase of our training. In Phase Two, our trainers will guide you through all aspects of wine making, tasting, customer service, marketing, purchasing procedures, inventory control and day-to-day operational procedures during an intensive training program. We will provide you with the Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery confidential Operations Manual detailing all that you have learned. Phase Three of training takes place at our local Affiliate winery. This phase is our internship that lasts a minimum of two days, and can go longer as you may want to job shadow before your store opens up. Finally, in Phase Four, we send you on an internationally recognized wine course WSET for your level 1. This is a full day in the classroom with an exam at the end. You will also receive training from our Master Winemaker. You are taken through a complete vinting cycle referencing your phase one wine making education. You will learn the critical wine making procedures required to produce high quality wines every time. Our team of experts will provide on-going support to ensure the success of your business.

    What kind of financing will I need?

    There are many ways to fund your franchise. We can make the introduction to financial institutions that will guide you through the lending process. Many will recommend an SBL or a Business Line of Credit depending on your financial situation. Finally, many people have successfully turned to friends and family to raise the funds necessary for the start-up – you’ll find they usually are very interested when they think they can be part of a new boutique micro winery!

    How much do I need to come up with to start a franchise?

    Every start-up is dependent on the situation. The biggest variable is the cost of the build out. In the average start-up, we recommend that you have a net worth of at least $400,000 to start up our model. You will need to find other avenues to raise the additional capital necessary to open, such as those suggested in the previous FAQ. We have many resources available to assist in finding the right financing for your dream.

    Am I granted an exclusive territory?

    Yes! Your exclusive territory is dependent on the demographics of the area you choose to operate in. We are available to assist you in locating a site for your winery that will provide the best demographics and sustainability. Our professional staff will assist in the lease negotiation and provide the preliminary layout and design, as well as manage the build, as it is a turn key franchise. But, inevitably the final decision for a location is yours.

    What will the wine taste like?

    Our wines have won multiple international awards for their outstanding taste profiles. The average price for our wine packages range from $109 to $179 for a batch that yields approximately 25 bottles. Vin Bon wines also compete very well in this pricing segment against other commercial wines.

    How many different wines can I make in my winery?

    We have the ability to make over 100 different kinds of wine. However, we believe in focusing on the wines that our guests love the most to control inventory and costs. So most of our franchises limit their wine menu to about 50 different types of wines that we make regularly, but all are available year round from our head office.

    How long does it take to open my Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery?

    Depending on construction and permits, it will normally take 6 months to open your winery.

    Is it difficult to acquire an FOP license?

    Not usually. Ontario has individual laws and requirements unique to them but generally they only require a simple application and reasonable amount of processing time (roughly 1 – 3 months). The initial cost for the permit is $1000. A Personal History form and Corporate Structure form will also need to be filled out and submitted.

    Will I have wine available for my store opening?

    No, you will have juice in stock in order for you to personally craft batches of wine for your consumer. With our production facility in North York, there is always stock of fresh juice available to you for winemaking.

    Is there any support after opening my winery?

    We have a dedicated franchise liaison and operational support available to assist you. In addition, we offer two unique support services for our franchisees. First, we provide assistance with your email and social media marketing on a monthly basis. Our corporate office will send out emails on your behalf to your customer list. In addition, we will post information on Facebook or other social media sites 2 – 3 times per week. This keeps your customers engaged and aware of your winery to maximize your impact on your local market, ensuring your long-term success in our system.

    Do I have to find my own suppliers?

    No. We have partnered with the finest suppliers of juices, equipment and other supplies. You order all of your fermentable products through us and the rest of the supplies you order directly through our “preferred Vin Bon Suppliers”.

    What is the size of a typical Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery franchise?

    The ideal size is for a Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery is 1600 – 2,200 square feet.

    What types of systems help me manage my business?

    We have partnered with a leading Point-of-Sale (POS) provider in the wine industry. Their software automates all of your POS functions and cash controls, as well as inventory management and accounts receivable.

    Vin Bon Boutique Micro Winery will supply you with our exclusive Financial Planning Work Book. This helps with your financial management, and we utilize a Standardized Chart of Accounts and Business Planning support on an annual basis.

    Disclaimer: Each Vin Bon franchise is independently owned and operated as a Franchise under a franchise agreement. The information on this website is not intended as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. If you are a resident of Ontario that regulates the offer or sale of franchises or business opportunities, we will not offer you a franchise until we have complied with any applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your jurisdiction.