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Craft Winemaking Experience

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On-Site Vinting

Craft your own personal batch of wine at one of our Boutique Micro Winery locations

Craft Wines with Personalized Labels

Choose from nearly 100 varietals of juice, craft your perfect wine, then package it with a personalized label

Home Vinting

Want to make wine at home? Shop our online store for home vinting supplies

Since 1979

VinBon Is Your Own Boutique Micro Winery

We create each batch, one at a time, keeping each customer's personal taste in mind. We start with exceptional quality juice and grapes imported from around the world and crafted by our own Master Winemaker. We are Ontario’s largest Boutique Micro Winery with almost 45 years as a craft winery, offering a truly custom-vinting experience.

Craft Your Wine Locally

Locations Throughout Ontario

Craft your own vintage batch of wine at one of our many locations. Each Boutique Micro Winery has a complete on-site winemaking facility with all the supplies needed to produce your next favourite wine, including your own personal winemaker.

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Imported from around the world

Nearly 100 Juices To Choose From

We source our varietal grapes from three continents around the world, and from nearly every grape varietal imaginable. Browse our options online to hand-select your next perfect craft wine batch.

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Satisfied Customers Yearly

Consistent 5-Star Review Ratings

My daughter and I each made a batch of wine at the Bradford location. We got there a bit early, but all was good with the staff. This location is spotless! Staff helped us all the way from cleaning the bottles, filling, corking, sealing them, to putting on the labels and packing. They even helped us put them into the truck. My daughter loved the red! And the white was exactly what my husband was hoping it would be. We will definitely be back, with friends!! Thank you all at Vin Bon Bradford


This was my 3rd experience and it gets better each time. Greeted by name as I walked in... They are so helpful and knowledgeable , but not pushy.. make you feel very comfortable. Usually I have a friend with me to help bottle and cork.. but she couldn't make it this time...and so I had help from my "new friends" and on top on everything.. the wine is delish!!!!


I picked up my first batch of wine on Saturday. The staff here are beyond helpful and friendly. They make you feel very welcome in the store, and help you through every part of the wine making process, providing tips and advice on how best to store your wine when home. The wine itself is very tasty, and is great value compared to the LCBO. The convenient location with parking right outside the door is also a huge plus for me. Very happy customer - will be back, frequently.


Begin Your Wine Online

Get started when it’s convenient for you… view our list of varietals, select your craft wine juice and create personalized labels ahead of your visit to one of our Boutique Micro Wineries.

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